Menu path: Accessories > On-Screen Keyboard > Appearance

  • Show Function Keys

    ☑ The on-screen keyboard features the function keys [F1] ... [F12]. (default)

  • Show Navigation Keys

    ☑ The on-screen keyboard features the arrow keys for navigating on the screen. (default)

  • Show Numpad

    ☑ The on-screen keyboard features the number block.

    ☐ The on-screen keyboard does not feature the number block. (default)

  • Enable switching to alternative layout

    This option is available from IGEL Linux version 10.04.100 onwards.

    ☑ The on-screen keyboard has an additional key by which the user can toggle between the normal layout and a reduced layout. The reduced layout resembles the numpad, with the following differences:
    - Additional backspace key [←]
    - Additional tab key [↹]
    - Additional space key [ ]
    - Additional escape key [Esc]
    - Return key [⏎] instead of [Enter] key

    ☐ Switching to the reduced layout is not possible. (default)