By default, OpenVPN automatically uses the server's settings for DNS and routing.

If you want to change these settings, go to Network > VPN > Open VPN > [Session Name] > IPv4. Here you can:

  • Deactivate Automatic DNS
  • Add Extra nameserver(s)
  • Add Extra search domains
  • Deactivate Automatic Routes
  • Deactivate VPN is the default route

Additionally, you can enable three custom routes in Network > VPN > Open VPN > [Session Name] > Route [0,1,2]. For each enabled route you can configure:

  • whether it is a Network Route or a Host Route
  • Network/Host IP
  • Network Mask (for Network Route only)
  • Optional: Gateway
  • Optional: Metric (a quality rating used for routing decisions, 0 being the best)