You have tried to update a device to IGEL OS 11.08 or higher, but the update fails with the error message "Not enough space on local drive".


IGEL OS 11.08 or higher requires more than 4 GB storage; your device has less storage than required.


This article is valid for the following environment:

  • IGEL OS 11.08 or higher
  • UMS 6.05 or higher (recommended)
  • Endpoint device that is supported by IGEL OS 11.08 or higher but has a storage size of 4 GB or lower, that is, lesser than the storage size required by the full feature set


The recommended storage size for IGEL OS 11.08 or higher is over 4 GB. However, you can update an endpoint device with less storage than required by a regular IGEL OS installation. This can be done by reducing the feature set. A modified INF file (lxos-reduced.inf) in the update source defines a reduced feature set that makes the firmware fit into your endpoint device's storage.

As an alternative to the preconfigured INF file, you can customize the INF file yourself to define your own reduced feature set.

Reduced Feature Set Cannot Be Changed by Setup/UMS

When you have reduced the firmware as described below, you cannot reactivate features via the Setup resp. the UMS configuration dialog. To recover the complete feature set, you must copy lxos-full.inf to lxos.inf and then start the firmware update.

Buddy Update

When you have downloaded a reduced firmware on a buddy update server by mistake, the buddy server itself has the reduced feature set. To recover the complete feature set on the buddy server, you must copy lxos-full.inf to lxos.inf in the update source and then update the buddy update server again.

Using the Preconfigured INF File

 To find out which features are included in the reduced feature set, open the readme[version].txt in your update source directory and search for "Reduced Firmware". The table shows the features, the storage size they require, and whether they are included in the reduced feature set.

Replace the lxos.inf file as follows:

  1. Go to the directory that contains the source files for the firmware update. If you use the WebDav capability of the UMS, this is <UMS installation directory>\rmguiserver\webapps\ums_filetransfer\<firmware version>; example: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmguiserver\webapps\ums_filetransfer\IGEL_OS_11-11.08.110

  2. Delete lxos.inf

    It is safe to delete lxos.inf because there is a backup file named lxos-full.inf 

  3. Copy lxos-reduced.inf to lxos.inf

  4. Start the firmware update as usual.

Customizing the INF File

 To get a list of all features and their storage requirement, go to IGEL OS Release Notes, look up your version of IGEL OS, go to "Component Versions [your version]", and find the "Services" section.

To customize the INF file:

  1. Open lxos.inf

  2. In the [INFO] section, add the following line:

  3. Delete the [PART] section of every partition you want to exclude, but do this ONLY IF the section has both of the following entries:

  4. Save lxos.inf and start the firmware update as usual.