Menu path: Sessions > AVD > AVD Sessions > [Session Name] > Printing > ezeep by ThinPrint

Printing with ezeep

☑  ezeep cloud printing is enabled for the AVD session. To add and enable/disable ezeep printers, go to Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printer, see Printers - Configure CUPS Printers in IGEL OS.

Required Custom Commands

You have to add some custom commands and disable workspace-1 option for the AVD session, or ezeep won’t work.

Custom Command 

(required for Versions 11.06.100 - 11.06.119)

  1. Go to System > Firmware Customization > Base > Initialization.

  2. Add the following custom command:
    sed -i "s/wvd/avd/g" /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/com.igel.avd_ezeep_* /services/avd/bin/avd_ezeep_*
    systemctl try-restart polkit.service

  3. Restart your IGEL OS.

Disable Workspace-1 option

(required in all Versions) 

  1. Go to System > Registry > Sessions > WVD0 > Options > Workspace-1 > enabled.

  2. remove the checkbox