It is possible to send all syslog messages that are written to /var/log/message (IGEL Linux version 5.10.250 and versions 5.11.x) or to the systemd journal (IGEL Linux version 10.01.100) to the debuglog partition as well. The logfile will be rotated and compressed as needed. This preserves the log if the thin client crashes, and logs from several previous boots.

Configure it in the Registry:

IGEL Setup > System > Registry

> Enable syslog log to debuglog partition

true/ false


IGEL Setup > System > Registry

> Number of Rotate Files

2 ... 9

Number of files to be kept while rotating.

IGEL Setup > System > Registry

> Logfile rotate size in MiB

2, 4 , 8, 16

Rotate when the size of the compressed file reaches this size in MiB.