• Updated smartcard reader driver MUSCLE CCID to version 1.4.36.
  • Updated smartcard reader driver ACS CCID to version 1.1.8.

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Updated Cisco JVDI to version 14.0.3

Base system

  • Added support for Thai keyboard layout and localization.

Zoom VDI

  • Integrated Zoom Plugin
    Available Zoom Plugins in this release: (default),, and 5.4.59458


  • Integrated Citrix Workspace app 21.12
    Available Citrix Workspace Apps in this release: 21.12 (default), 21.11, and 20.10
  • New features:
    • The cursor color inverts based on the background color of a text.

      ParameterSupport for cursor color inverting
      Valuefalse / true
    • Enhancement on smartcard support.

      ParameterSmartCard driver
      NoteVDSCARDV2.DLL supports the Plug and Play functionality for smartcard reader
    • The PulseAudio library is used instead of ALSA to access multiple audio devices within a session (Experimental).

      ParameterMultiple Audio Device support
      Valuefalse / true
    • Note: The VdcamVersion4Support is renamed to AudioRedirectionV4, so registry key ica.module.vdcamversion4support is removed.
    • UDP audio through Citrix Gateway (Experimental).

      ParameterUDP audio through Citrix Gateway
      Valuefalse / true
    • Webcam redirection for 64-bit apps (Technical Preview)
      For 64bit webcam redirection the following parameters must be enabled:
      ica.wfclient.allowaudioinput = True (default)
      ica.wfclient.hdxh264inputenabled = True
  • For Browser Content Redirection, the Chromium Embedded Framework is used by default now. Parameter ica.allregions.usecefbrowser was set to default value "true".

VMware Horizon

  • Updated Horizon Client to version 2111 8.4.0-18957622

Cisco Webex

  • Available Cisco Webex Meetings VDIs in this release: (default),, and
  • Integrated Cisco Webex VDI


  • Added libcam-tools to firmware.