Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Performance

In this area, you can configure settings in order to improve the performance of the RDP session.

  • Enable RemoteFX

    ☑ Remote FX is enabled (default)

  • RemoteFX codec mode
    • Use server setting
    • Optimized for LAN
    • Optimized for WAN
    • Legacy mode

You can disable graphics functions which are not absolutely necessary.

In low-bandwidth environments, you should use compression in order to reduce the network traffic. Please note that the use of compression reduces the burden on the network but does use CPU power.

Graphics settings that you can disable in order to improve performance:

  • Disable desktop background

    ☑ Desktop background is disabled

    ☐ Desktop background is enabled (default)

  • Don't show contents of window while dragging

    ☑ Window content will be hidden.

    ☐ Window content will be shown. (default)

  • Disable menu and window animation

    ☑ Menu and window animation is disabled.

    ☐ Menu and window animation is enabled. (default)

  • Disable themes

    ☑ Themes are disabled.

    ☐ Themes are enabled. (default)

  • Disable cursor shadow

    ☑ Cursor shadow is disabled.

    ☐ Cursor shadow is enabled. (default)

  • Disable cursor settings

    ☑ Cursor settings are disabled. No "unnecessary" mouse movements will be sent.

    ☐ Cursor settings are enabled. (default)

  • Enable font smoothing

    ☑ Font smoothing is enabled.

  • Compression

    ☑ Data is compressed.

    ☐ Data flow is not compressed. (default)