Menu path: Setup > Devices > Printers > ThinPrint

ThinPrint allows the bandwidth provided for the transfer of print jobs to be reduced depending on the resources available. The ThinPrint client prints either on printers connected to a local interface (serial, parallel or USB), on an LPD network printer or on a CUPS printer defined on the thin client.

In this area, you will find the following parameters:

  • Port Number: Port number via which the ThinPrint daemon will communicate (default: 4000).

    Make sure that the port number on the ThinPrint client and the ThinPrint server is the same (communication will otherwise not be possible).
  • Bandwidth: A bandwidth value (in bits per second) which is lower than or equal to the value specified on the ThinPrint server. A higher value, the disabling of client control or no entry at all means that the ThinPrint server values will be used (default: 0).
  • Open Printer Interval: Maximum waiting time in seconds if a printer is unavailable (default: 165).
  • open Printer Tries: Number of attempts to contact a printer in order to start a print job (default: 100).