To convert ICG licenses to Enterprise Management (EMP) licenses:

  1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP) at If you have not registered yet, you must register first.
    Your dashboard is shown. 
  2. In the list of Product Packs, find the Product Pack you want to convert.
  3. Click  in the appropriate list entry to open the management dialog.
    The management dialog opens.
  4. Click Convert into EMP.
  5. Read and confirm the warning dialog.

    The newly converted Product Pack is shown. The hardware has been moved from the original Product Pack to the EMP Product Pack. The original Product Pack is archived.
  6. Continue with deploying the licenses to the devices. For further information, see Setting up Automatic License Deployment (ALD) or Manual License Deployment for IGEL OS, according to your deployment method.