What is a "COSMOS PAS Migration" (formerly known as "OSx Migration")?

A transaction to migrate your IGEL OS 11 licenses from the perpetual license model to IGEL's COSMOS Platform Access Subscription (PAS). IGEL's OS 11 licenses including their perpetual licensing will be out of maintenance after 31st December 2025. Synchronisation and consolidation are always included in the COSMOS PAS Migration. If you wish to read more about a COSMOS PAS, see How to Start with IGEL COSMOS.

Is the IGEL COSMOS PAS (Platform Access Subscription) limited to IGEL OS 12/UMS 12?

  • No. COSMOS PAS give customers the ability to continue using OS 11 and to further deploy OS 11 or OS 12.
  • You can have COSMOS PAS using IGEL OS 11 until 31st December 2025, where it will reach 'end of maintenance'.

.Entitlements that Come with an IGEL COSMOS Platform Access Subscription (PAS) and Effects of Expiry vIGEL_OS_11

What are the Benefits of Migrating to COSMOS PAS?

  • You benefit from our advantageous migration pricing vs buying a new subscription before it becomes a necessity in 2026.
  • Migrating to subscription gives you access to the full IGEL solution, including formerly known "Enterprise Management Pack" features across all OS 11 or OS 12 endpoints.

Using IGEL OS 11 with Cosmos PAS: Creating an EMP Product Pack from a WE Product Pack

What is a Co-Term? (Synchronisation and consolidation of Subscription Keys)

A co-term is a transaction to sync and consolidate your existing subscription keys into one subscription key with your desired expiry date, and always comes with a renewals for min. 12 months.

How is the new License Expiration Date Calculated?

Based on the expiration date of the earliest expiring Subscription Key included in the consolidation, a period of minimum one or maximum three years will be assigned. If a product pack has expired, the startin date will begin on the date of the expired pack.

Is there a Minimum or Maximum Term?

Yes, a minimum of 12 months, maximum of 36 months. Exceptions apply, e.g. if the time difference between your earliest and latest expiration date exceeds three years.

Is there a Price Benefit for a Multi-year Term?

Yes, 3-year terms come with significantly higher incentives than 1-year pricing and year-over-year savings.

What if I need to keep my Subscription Keys Separate?

If you would like to keep your Subscription Keys separate, please speak to your IGEL Renewals Representative to discuss your options. The team can be reached at customer-renewals@igel.com

How do I read the Migration & Co-Term Quote and why are there Two Quote Positions?

IGEL's consolidation process consists of a two-step approach: Firstly, the Subscription Keys will be synchronised to the last existing expiration date (Quote position 2 - the quote "appendix" refers to this position only). Secondly, all of the Subscription Keys are consolidated into a master key, then extended to the chosen expiration date (Quote position 1).

Why does IGEL have an appendix for COSMOS PAS Migration Quotes?

The appendix is a reference for our Partners and Customers, which tracks the included subscription keys, dates, and qunatities to explain the transaction and pricing calculation of quote position 2.

What Happens to my existing Subscription Keys?

Your existing Subscription Keys will be replaced by the master key, which has been assigned to the new consolidation date. These old keys will be disabled and archived in the IGEL Licensing Portal (ILP).

Does an COSMOS PAS Migration affect my Technical Product Packs?

When the order is processed, all your existing Product Packs in the ILP will stay existent while their Subscription Keys will be replaced with the new master key. If you wish to merge your product packs, see How to Merge IGEL Product Packs.

My Maintenance or Subscription has expired can I still Renew?

  • Yes, if a Subscription Key has expired you may renew it at any time, backdating to the expiration date.
  • Support, Updates and included services will be suspended until renewed.

Is there any training available?

Yes, OS 12/COSMOS ICP training is available via IGEL Academy.