IGEL COSMOS is a platform which has fully separated the IGEL OS operating system and IGEL OS Apps. With the modular principle introduced with IGEL OS 12, you can install and update single applications like Citrix, Chromium browser, etc. individually and independently from the IGEL OS base system.

IGEL COSMOS comprises:

  • IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) 12 for managing IGEL OS 12 and IGEL OS 11 devices. IGEL UMS 12 is a prerequisite for accessing all IGEL COSMOS Cloud Services.
  • Various cloud-based services, for example:
    • IGEL Customer Portal which is a doorway to the IGEL product-related services. Here, you register your company account and use it to invite other users and assign them specific roles, e.g. for opening support cases. In the IGEL Customer Portal, you can also raise and view support requests, make necessary configurations for IGEL Onboarding Service, etc.
    • IGEL App Portal where you can find all applications currently available for IGEL OS 12
    • IGEL Onboarding Service which, if configured, allows your users to easily onboard IGEL OS 12 devices using only their corporate email
    • IGEL Insight Service which collects analytical and usage data to improve IGEL products and services and provide a better customer experience
    • IGEL License Portal where you can manage licenses for your IGEL OS devices

For more information on IGEL COSMOS, you can also use IGEL Academy courses, e.g. Introducing IGEL COSMOS, and IGEL Community.

You may find it also useful to view https://igel-community.github.io/IGEL-Docs-v02/Docs/HOWTO-COSMOS/ and https://igel-community.github.io/IGEL-Docs-v02/Docs/Cheatsheet-IGELCommunity/.

Please read this guide fully, without skipping any steps: