Unified Management Agent (UMA) version 3.01 or higher is licensed by the Enterprise Management Pack. If you have a valid Enterprise Management Pack, you can operate as many UMA installations as you need.

When the Enterprise Management Pack has expired, the local Setup of the UMA can still be used, but remote access by the UMS is disabled.

Using UMA with UMS

If you want to use UMA version 3.01 or higher with the Universal Management Suite (UMS), at least one IGEL OS 11 based device with a license from an Enterprise Management Pack must be present in the UMS network. The UMS version must be 6.01 or higher.

The IGEL OS 11 based device must be of one of the following types:

  • IGEL device (UD)
  • UD Pocket
  • Device converted with OSC 

When the IGEL OS 11 based device has registered with the Enterprise Management Pack in the UMS, the devices on which UMA is installed can be controlled by the UMS.

For UMA licensing purpose, it is sufficient to register the IGEL OS 11 based device only once and then remove it from the network. When license renewal is due, the device must be registered again.