In this article, you will learn how the product lifecycle for IGEL OS 10 is defined.

Explanation of Terms

EOL - End of LifeEOL means the product is at the end of its product lifecycle.
EOS - End of SaleEOS means the product can no longer be purchased.
EOM - End of MaintenanceEOM means the maintenance for this product expires.
Major ReleaseA major release is a new version of the software that generally includes changes to the architecture and adds new features and functions to the predecessor version. Major releases can be identified by changing the version number, such as 10 to 11.
Minor ReleaseA minor release is a scheduled release/update containing additional functionality, security updates, and bug fixes. Minor releases can be identified by changing the version number, such as 10.02.100 to 10.03.100.

IGEL OS 10 Is Always Connected to Hardware

IGEL OS 10 is bundled with an IGEL UD endpoint device. It cannot be purchased separately.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is included and is available up to 3 years after end-of-life (EOL).

The following data apply to IGEL OS 10:

EOMJuly 31st, 2022
EOLAugust 1st, 2019
EOSSeptember 30th, 2019

The following data apply to Windows IoT 10:


March 31st, 2023

EOLApril 1st, 2020

For a list of end-of-life products before IGEL OS 11, see IGEL Devices before the Launch of IGEL OS 11 (before February 2019).