In the following step-by-step procedure, VMware Workstation is used. For other hypervisors, please refer to the appropriate documentation.
  1. Open the browser on the administration computer and download the ova file from > OS DEPLOYMENT APPLIANCE.
  2. Import the ova file into VMware Workstation.
  3. Click File > Import OVF Template in VMware Workstation to start importing a virtual machine.
  4. Follow the Connection Wizard through the import process.
  5. Choose Virtual Appliance as source type.
  6. Choose (ova) location as source file.
  7. Choose Other Virtual Machine as Destination Type.
  8. Enter the Name and Location for the virtual machine.
  9. Choose Import and Convert as Import Option.
  10. Choose Bridged as VMNetwork Configuration.
  11. Start the import process.