In the Apps area of the UMS Web App, you can manage apps imported to the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) for configuring your IGEL OS 12 devices.

To have access to the Apps area, you need App Management permission. You can set the permission in the UMS Console > System > Administrator accounts.

For general information on rights and permissions, see Create Administrator Accounts.

Menu path: UMS Web App > Apps

Under Apps, you can find 

  • apps imported from the IGEL App Portal
  • automatically registered apps. The UMS automatically registers all apps available on the devices, e.g. IGEL OS Base System, locally installed apps, and dependent apps that are automatically installed on the device during the installation of the main app (e.g. Citrix Multimedia Codec as a dependent app for Citrix Workspace app)

1App categories

Shows all available app categories.

Click All to view apps from all categories.

Click a specific category to view all apps within this category. 

2App list

Shows apps contained in the selected category.

  • Paging for the navigation in the app list
  • Defining the number of apps to be displayed on one page
  • Filtering apps by Name
  • Sorting apps by Name

Create new profile: Creates a profile for the app selected in the app list. For more information on profile creation, see How to Create and Assign Profiles in the IGEL UMS Web App.

Set Default Version: Defines which app version will be assigned to a device /device directory if no specific app version is selected during the app assignment or the creation of a profile configuring this app. See How to Set a Default Version of an App in the IGEL UMS.

Delete app: Deletes an app selected in the app list if this app is nowhere used. See How to Delete Apps in the IGEL UMS Web App.

Export app (metadata)
: Exports the metadata of an app selected in the app list, see How to Export and Upload Apps to the IGEL UMS.

4App information

Details for the app selected in the app list such as Newest imported versionDefault version that is selected under Set Default Version, availability of a newer version (depending on the configuration under Update Settings).

5Update Settings

Defines update settings for the app selected in the app list. See Configuring Update Settings for Individual IGEL OS Apps.


Shows information on all available versions of the app, e.g. if and how an app version is used (installed, assigned, used in profiles).

To delete a selected app version, click . See How to Delete Apps in the IGEL UMS Web App.

An app version with End User License Agreement (EULA) not accepted is marked with an exclamation mark.

To accept the EULA for the app, click Accept EULA. This can be necessary, for example, for automatically registered apps or if the EULA is changed. If not accepted in the UMS, the EULA can still be accepted by your users locally on the device via the corresponding notification dialog.

Assigned Devices

Shows all devices / device directories to which the selected app is assigned.

1: Filters the devices / device directories assigned to the selected app. The filter criteria are linked with the operator AND.

 Click   to remove all filters.

2: Detaches the selected device / device directory from the app.

3: Jumps to the corresponding device / directory and shows all Assigned Objects for it.


Allows you to configure global settings for the app updates. See Configuring Global Settings for the Update of IGEL OS Apps.