There are two different ways to handle the UMS Licensing ID if you migrate the UMS Server:

  • Transferring the UMS Licensing ID: With this method, you make a backup of the old UMS Licensing ID and take it with you. The UMS Licensing ID, which is automatically created during the installation of the new UMS Server, is overwritten. Advantage: You do not have to reassign the license packages in the ILP.
  • Registering the New UMS Licensing ID in the ILP: With this method, you register the UMS Licensing ID of the new server in the IGEL License Portal. Advantage: You do not need to know the UMS Licensing ID of the old server.

Transferring the UMS Licensing ID

Old Server: Create a Backup of the UMS Licensing ID

  1. Open the UMS Administrator of your old server and go to UMS Licensing ID Backup.

    Default path to the UMS Administrator:

    Linux: /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/
    Windows: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin\RMAdmin.exe

    The IGEL UMS Administrator application can only be started on the UMS Server.

  2. Click Create, to create a backup of the UMS Licensing ID.

    If you are using an HA environment, note the following:
    It is always the UMS Licensing ID of the local server that is backed up. Therefore, make sure at first that the local UMS Licensing ID is the same as the main UMS Licensing ID. If not, restart the UMS Server to synchronize the local UMS Licensing ID with the main UMS Licensing ID and then proceed with creating the backup. See also Manual Synchronization of the UMS Licensing ID.

  3. Enter a name for the UMS Licensing ID backup and a password.

  4. Click OK.
    The new backup file is listed under UMS Licensing ID Backup.

  5. In your file explorer, go to the specified folder (in this case C:\temp).
  6. Copy the UMS Licensing ID file (in this case UMS Licensing ID_backup before migration.ksbak) to a directory of your new UMS Server environment.

New Server: Restore the UMS Licensing ID to the New Server

  1. Open the UMS Administrator of the new server and go to UMS Licensing ID Backup.
  2. Click Change behind the Directory field to choose the directory where you stored the UMS Licensing ID.
    The file with the UMS Licensing ID will be listed.
  3. Click Restore and enter your password.

The UMS Licensing ID is now stored in the new UMS environment.

Registering the New UMS Licensing ID in the IGEL License Portal (ILP)

  1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP) at If you have not registered yet, you must register first.
    Your dashboard is shown. 
  2. Select UMS Licensing ID
    The page UMS Licensing ID is shown.
  3. Click Register UMS Licensing ID.
    The dialog Register UMS Licensing ID opens.
  4. Under UMS Licensing ID Name, enter a name for the UMS Licensing ID.
  5. Upload the certificate file you have exported in the UMS (see Obtaining Your UMS ID) and click OK.
    The UMS Licensing ID is registered. If this is the first UMS Licensing ID you registered, or if you just defined it as the default UMS Licensing ID, the dialog Assign loose Product Packs is shown.
  6. If the dialog Assign loose Product Packs is shown, click OK to assign Product Packs and continue with Assigning a Product Pack to the UMS ID.

For a detailed instruction with screenshots, see Registering Your UMS ID.