The menu bar comprises the following options:

Opens the start page.


Search for devices according to the selected parameters


Shows all devices registered on the UMS Server and their details.
ConfigurationShows all standard profiles and their details as well as devices and device folders assigned to them.
NetworkShows all connected UMS Servers, UMS Load Balancers, and IGEL Cloud Gateways, their details, and statistical information.
LoggingShows log messages for the actions performed in the UMS Web App.

Opens Messages window which shows information regarding the successful or unsuccessful execution of commands. 
The messages are automatically deleted at the reloading of the UMS Web App page in the browser.

  • A successfully executed command is marked with .
  • A failed command is marked with a warning symbol .
  • A partially failed command is marked with a warning symbol .

 Click a message to view details.

The UMS Web App documentation on and details of the current version of the Universal Management Suite.

Language settings for the user interface

Logout from the UMS Web App