When the credentials are available at the user / device side, the device is ready to connect to the UMS.

If the device has not been configured yet, the Setup Assistant will start automatically on system startup; see the Setup Assistant chapter in the IGEL OS manual. The ICG Agent Setup, which is described here, is embedded in the Setup Assistant. The procedure is identical both for the standalone ICG Agent Setup and the one embedded in the Setup Assistant.

  1. From Start Menu > System (System) open ICG Agent Setup.
  2. Enter the ICG server IP address or DNS name into Address. Examples: (IP address), icg.example.com (DNS name)

  3. Click Connect.
    The setup utility checks connectivity and displays 3/4 of the ICG server certificate fingerprint.
  4. Enter the missing part of the ICG server certificate fingerprint. Any part of the fingerprint may be missing; this is determined randomly.

  5. Enter the ICG One-Time Password. Click the eye icon to toggle visibility of the password.

  6. Click Login.
    The message ICG connection ready! is displayed.

  7. Click Finish.
    The ICG connection icon ICG Tray Icon is shown in the task bar.