Menu path: Setup > Network > VPN > OpenVPN > [OpenVPN Connection] > Route [0,1,2]

Here, you can configure extra routes.

  • Enable

    ☑ This route is enabled.

    ☐ This route is not enabled. (default)

  • Network route / host route: Type of route
    • Network route: The routing relates to a (sub) network
    • Host route: The routing relates to the address of a computer
  • Network / host IP: The address of the network (for a network route) or the IP address or the name of the host (for a host route)
  • Network mask: Mask for the desired IP range, e.g.
  • Gateway: Gateway that routes the packets to the target network
  • Metric: Here, you can enter a numerical quality assessment for routing decisions, 0 is the best value.