Base System

  • For security reasons, the accessory 'Network Tools' is enforced to run with Administrator (root) privileges only. Therefore, parameter 'Password protection on page Accessories > Network Tools was removed.
  • Fixed cups-filters security issue CVE-2023-24805.
  • Fixed mysql-5.7 security issues CVE-2023-21980 and CVE-2023-21912.
  • Fixed libwebp security issue CVE-2023-1999.
  • Fixed libssh security issues CVE-2023-2283 and CVE-2023-1667.
  • Fixed webkit2gtk security issues CVE-2023-28205, CVE-2023-27954, CVE-2023-27932, CVE-2022-32885, and CVE-2022-0108.
  • Fixed binutils security issues CVE-2023-25588, CVE-2023-25585 and CVE-2023-25584.
  • Fixed postgresql-10 security issues CVE-2023-2455 and CVE-2023-2454.