Menu path: Accessories > Conky System Monitor > Options

Use IGEL Setup for configuration

☑  The settings on this Setup page are effective.

The configuration under Accessories > Conky System Monitor > Custom Setup (see Custom Setup) is always effective, regardless of whether Use IGEL Setup for configuration is activated or not.

Monitor: Monitor on which the Conky system monitor is to be displayed.

Window type
Possible options:

  • "Normal": The window layout and behavior can be further specified by the following parameters:
    • Layer
    • Decorations
    • Show in the taskbar
    • Opacity
    • Borders
  • "Desktop": No window decorations; always visible on the desktop; no appearance in the pager or taskbar; sticky across all workspaces. The parameters Decorations and Show in taskbar are not effective. 
    • Layer
    • Opacity
    • Borders
  • "Dock": Behavior as documented under
  • "Panel": The window reserves space along a desktop edge, just like panels and taskbars, preventing maximized windows from overlapping them.
  • "Override": The window is not under the control of the window manager.

Alignment: Defines where the window is placed on the screen. 

Layer: Defines whether the Conky window is displayed above or below other application windows.
Possible options:

  • "Below": The Conky window is always below other application windows.
  • "Above": The Conky window is always above other application windows.
  • "None": The Conky window is above or below other application windows, depending on the focus.

Font type: Defines the font type for Conky.

Font size: Defines the font size for Conky.

Opacity: Defines the opacity for Conky. If the value is set to 0, the window is completely transparent; if the value is set to 255, there is no transparency.

Offset horizontal: Defines the horizontal offset from the position that is defined by Alignment.

Offset vertical: Defines the vertical offset from the position that is defined by Alignment.