• Fixed umlaut keys for Swiss keyboard layout
  • Fixed crash of AVD client if Fabulatech plugins were enabled.
  • Fixed smartcard redirection
  • Fixed possibly frozen incoming video in MS Teams.
  • Added paths where AVD searches for static, dynamic-1.1 and dynamic-2.0 virtual channel plugins and automatically loads all of them:  
    This is used by all AVD sessions automatically on session startup.

  • Disabled legacy workspace download by default. It still can be enabled under options.workspace-1.enabled per AVD session. This slightly speeds up workspace download time.
  • Fixed MS Teams background FX-related client crashes.
  • Fixed immediate AVD session crash on M350C and similar hardware - caused by some compiler optimization applied at build time. This optimization has been removed for the sake of compatibility.


  • Fixed passthrough authentication for Firefox manual proxy.


  • Fixed shutdown getting stuck if local logon was configured and the network (LAN)  was not connected.
  • Fixed mounting of NFS version 3 shares at boot time


  • Fixed smartcard access in the Firefox browser with activated AppArmor.

Base System

  • Fixed power line frequency configuration upon plug/unplug of a camera device.
  • Fixed battery notification on other language than English.
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard being broken after Kerberos logon.
  • Fixed persistence of brightness, changed by function keys, over reboot.
  • Fixed handling of BIOS update files.
  • Fixed LVFS BIOS update did not work with enabled secure boot.
  • Enhance possibilities to set cstate kernel parameters:
    • Allow 0 for max_cstate now too which sets intel_idle.max_cstate kernel cmdline parameter

      ParameterSet maximum allowed cstate on intel cpus.
      Range[No limit] [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]    
      ValueNo limit
    • Added new registry key to set processor.max_cstate kernel cmdline parameter.

      ParameterSet maximum allowed processor cstate.
      Range[No limit] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]   
      ValueNo limit

X11 System

  • Fixed DisplaySwitcher UI bug that displayed the wrong frequency.
  • Fixed monitor went to sleep after resolution change on HP docking stations.
  • Added quirks to overcome Hotplug or DP MST issues.
  • Added new registry keys:

    ParameterQuirk to improve DP MST hotplug behaviour.
    Valueenabled / disabled 
    ParameterQuirk to fix issues with screen stays black after DPMS off or DP MST hotplug.
    Valueenabled / disabled 
    ParameterQuirk to fix issues with screen stays black by switch screen off and on again.
    Valueenabled / disabled 


  • Fixed audio support on HP T240 hardware.


  • Fixed bluetooth support on Lenovo L14 Gen 3 hardware.