RD Web Access

  • Fixed mouse pointer disappearing in RemoteApp sessions.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed Single Sign-On feature in Horizon.
    The domain name is given by Kerberos in the format like in domain.com.
    This does not work for all Horizon installations.
  • Therefore, configuration option to specify / set domain format is added:

    ParameterFixup domain for Single Sign-On
    Range[Derive domain from username] [Use fully qualified domain name]
    [Use short domain name] [Keep domain as is]
    ValueDerive domain from username


  • Improved automatic connection with LTE module Quectel EM05.

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Fixed issue, Jabra Headset control button is not working.

Base System

  • Fixed the issue that on some devices the Bluetooth stays off if once disabled over Bluetooth tray menu.


  • New parameter to disable the time scheduling in pulseaudio module-udev-detect.

    ParameterDisable timer scheduling for module-udev
    Registry  multimedia.pulseaudio.daemon.disable-module-udev-tsched
    Range    [auto] [true] [false]

Remote Management

  • Fixed assignment of the device's hostname by the UMS while registering a device.