• Improved USB handling of SpaceMouse.

  • Improved USB redirection handling with Citrix Workspace App 19.06.

  • Fixed stability issues with Citrix Browser Content Redirection.

OSC Installer

  • Fixed: OSC Installer does not disable EFI when MSDOS partitioning was chosen.

Citrix Receiver 13

  • Added a switch to enable the possibility to launch multiple desktop sessions with RTME and h.264 acceleration. This switch should not be used when "Enable Secure ICA" is active for specific delivery group.

    Valueenabled / disabled


  • Added a registry key to use rdpglobal window settings for remote apps.

    ParameterEnable global windwos settings for remote app
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added negotiation: Kerberos as fallback for disabled NTLM authentication. This only works when Active Directory/Kerberos Logon is enabled.

  • Fixed RD Web Access not working with special characters in name or password. This only works when Active Directory/Kerberos Logon is enabled.

  • Fixed smartcard redirection in RDP: SCardGetAttrib was failing if pbAttr was NULL. The fix should help running Dutch Zorg-ID applications.

RD Web Access

  • Fixed not starting RDP Remote Applications.

VMware Horizon

  • Added recognition for password change and password expired dialog in Horizon local logon sessions or appliance mode.

  • Fixed configuration choice for usage of relative mouse feature.

  • Added possibility to use the rollback variant of the Horizon Client.

    ParameterAllow rollback to former client variant
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed a problem with the client where connection to the remote desktop using PCoIP protocol failed occasionally.

Teradici PCoIP Client

  • Fixed unwanted restart of login window after session logoff or disconnect.


  • Fixed Firefox not accepting proxy credentials from setup.
  • Fixed print hotkey disable option not working with Firefox 60.
  • Fixed not working.


  • Fixed: Failure to reach SCEP server in the client certificate renewal phase resulted in loss of SCEP server and client certificates.
  • Changed e1000e driver to out of tree version directly from Intel.
  • Changed igb driver to out of tree version directly from Intel.
  • Added possibility to switch between third-party and kernel Intel IGB network driver.
    New registry key:

    ParameterUse thirdparty igb kernel module
    Range[Auto] [Yes] [No]
    Info: "Auto" (use thirdparty in most cases)
  • Added possibility to switch between third-party and kernel intel E1000E network driver.
    New registry key:

    ParameterUse thirdparty e1000e kernel module
    Range[Auto] [Yes] [No]
    Info: "Auto" (use thirdparty in most cases)
  • Fixed instability of netmounts with static IP configuration.

  • Added possibility to switch between third-party r8168 and kernel r8169 realtek network driver.
    New registry key:

    ParameterUse thirdparty r8168 kernel module
    Range[Auto] [Yes] [No]
    Info: "Auto" (use r8168 in most cases)
  • Added a possibility to choose the variant of the realtek r8168 driver.
    A new registry key:

    ParameterChoose realtek r8168 variant (only if "prefer r8168" is chosen)
    Range[Default] [No NAPI] [NAPI]
    Info: "Dafault" (use NAPI in most cases)
  • Fixed: Second Ethernet interface did not get configured when the first one was disabled.

  • Fixed: 802.1X Ethernet configuration with user interaction was broken.


  • Fixed not working TP Link Archer T2UH.
  • Fixed not working Broadcom SDIO WLAN cards as present in Advantech AIM8IAC device for example.


  • Updated cryptovision sc/interface PKCS#11 smartcard library to version 7.1.20.
  • Fixed a possible deadlock in the PKCS#11 module on Linux if C_Finalize is called during a PCSC event, for example C_WaitForSlotEvent.
  • Fixed OpenSC setting max_send_size for reader driver pcsc in /etc/opensc/opensc.conf.
  • Fixed Dell KB813 Smartcard Keyboard in combination with certain smartcards driven by OpenSC PKCS#11 module. Before this fix, authentication to Citrix StoreFront and VMWare Horizon failed.

Base system

  • Improved: Ensured that the Unit ID for IGEL devices is the MAC address of the onboard network card.
  • Fixed license expiry warning at boot. Before this fix, in some cases the warning wrongly appeared at every boot.
  • Fixed unmounting storage devices via In-session control bar.
  • Fixed server-dependent crash when installing license via FTP.
  • Fixed retrieving of serial number of a connected screen.
  • Fixed random 90 seconds shutdown delay (systemd).
  • Fixed wrong behavior with expired evaluation licenses in some cases.
  • Added message in bootsplash when a custom partition will get created.
  • Fixed bug in the screenlock countdown that occurred, when display of remaining seconds was not desired.
  • Fixed shortcut configuration for shutdown, restart and icon sort to be applied without reboot.
  • Added apparmor rule to allow tcpdump to write to /debuglog.
  • Fixed hotkey configuration to be applied without reboot.
  • Fixed: UD2 screen goes black with certain multimonitor configurations.
  • Improved new license detection in IGEL Setup Assistant.
  • Fixed AD/Kerberos logon in case parameter auth.login.krb5_enterprise is set to false.
  • Fixed: System logoff waits for Citrix logoff now.
  • Fixed NTP synchronization problems when changing the NTP client from timesyncd to chrony.
  • Added switch to enable DNS hostname lookup for SSH server:

    ParameterUse DNS to resolve client hostnames
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed USB printer aliases.

  • Fixed gtk-3 icon sizes for High DPI configurations.

  • Enhanced bootloader to allow the setting of some kernel command line parameters with registry keys.
    New registry keys:


    Disable use of APIC controller.



    Valueenabled / disabled


    Disable use of ACPI.



    Valueenabled / disabled


    Use only one CPU core and disable all others.



    Valueenabled / disabled


    Enable debug console on serial port 1.



    Valueenabled / disabled


    Limit CPU core usage (0 means no limit).





    Set maximum allowed cstate on intel cpus.



    Range[No limit] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
    Info: do not limit intel cstate


    IOMMU usage setting.



    Range[On] [Off] [Passthrough] [Force]
    Info: Use IOMMU passthrough possible


    IOMMU usage setting for AMD systems.



    Range[On] [Off]
    Info: Use IOMMU if possible


    IOMMU usage setting for Intel systems.



    Range[On] [Off]
    Info: Use IOMMU if possible
  • Added a new registry key to set USB quirks:

    ParameterSet XHCI USB quirks to fix some hardware issues

    [No quirk] [Spurious Reboot quirk] [Spurious Wakeup quirk] [Spurious Reboot Wakeup quirk]

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 needs the system.kernel.bootparams.xhci-hcd_quirks registry key set to `Spurious Reboot quirk` to fix reboot after shutdown problem.
  • Added column "Syslog style template" to Remote Syslog setup page. This allows to change rsyslog output style e.g. to newer SyslogProtocol23Format which is supported by graylog.
  • Disable martian packet logging.


  • Updated deviceTRUST Client to version 19.1.200.
    • Fixed an issue reading the DEVICE_IGEL_ICG_SERVER property.
    • Fixed an issue where the NETWORK and LOCATION property providers could cause the client to freeze if a disconnection occurred whilst these property providers were checking for changes.
    • Fixed an open file handle leak which led to the client process reaching its file handle limits when left running for a long period of time.
  • Fixed not working WACOM device DTU-1141B.

Custom Partition

  • Added message in bootsplash when a custom partition will get created.
  • Fixed ownership of extracted data: don't preserve original owner while extracting data into custom partition.

Storage Devices

  • Fixed automounting of storage devices inside of Olympus DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder.

Appliance Mode

  • Fixed: In-session control bar could not be deactivated in Citrix SelfService appliance mode.

X11 system

  • There is now a registry key to ignore a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse for IGEL graphical use (X11). If activated, the SpaceMouse is only passed through to the desktop session. If disabled, it acts like a standard mouse.

    IGEL SetupSystem > Registry


    Deactivates a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse as a standard mouse




    enabled / disabled

  • The following SpaceMouse products are included:

    0x046D0xC603Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Plus XT
    0x046D0xC605Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion CADman
    0x046D0xC606Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Classic
    0x046D0xC621Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceBall 5000
    0x046D0xC623Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceTraveller 3D Mouse
    0x046D0xC625Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpacePilot 3D Mouse
    0x046D0xC626Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse
    0x046D0xC627Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceExplorer 3D Mouse

    Logitech, Inc.

    3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator for Notebooks
    0x046D0xC629Logitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse
    0x046D0xC62BLogitech, Inc.3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro
  • USB device reset via USB powercycle is now available on UD6/UD7.
  • Fixed: Problems with internal graphic cards and Nvidia graphic cards.

  • Display Switch application will now use some settings from 'Advanced' dialog in 'Simple' mode.

  • Fixed display hotplug failing on initial lock screen with Active Directory logon.

  • Fixed screen corruption with DPMS and enabled composite manager.

  • Fixed screen flickering in some cases when "Force NumLock On" ( is active.

  • Fixed Display Switch utility not starting with some translations.

  • Fixed an issue with the noDDC mode which was not always working as expected.

  • Fixed wrongly detected embedded DisplayPort on Dell Wyse 5070 Extended hardware.

  • Added the possibility to change an embedded DisplayPort to a normal DisplayPort.


    Use embedded displayport as normal displayport (reboot required)



    [default] [enable] [disable]

  • Fixed some multimonitor (>4) issues with Nvidia graphic cards.

  • Fixed monitor screen ID shown with Nvidia nvs810 GPU.

  • Added consideration of hardware limits for choosing automatic resolution in Xorg config (currently only for IGEL hardware).

  • Fixed problem with modesetting driver and two 2160x1440 monitors in extended configuration.

  • Added a new registry key to enable use of linear framebuffer for modesetting driver.
    New registry key:


    Use linear instead of tiled framebuffer




    [Default] [False] [True]


    Use linear framebuffer only in special cases.

  • Fixed configuration where old Display Switch took precedence over configuration from new Display Switch and preventing changes.

X Server

  • Fixed issue with primary / secondary screens were switched in some cases.


  • Fixed bad quality sound over DisplayPort in a Citrix ICA session or other applications using ALSA API.
  • Fixed jack detection of the headphone port in Dell Wyse 3040.
  • Fixed configuration of default audio output and input.

Media Player (Parole)

  • Fixed a problem where parole media player would hang instead of playing audio while audio-visualization is enabled.
  • Fixed parole media player not handling audio hotkeys in fullscreen mode.


  • Monitoring Agent uses now only the half size of the debuglog partition.
    When the setup option log_max_size with the option log_rotation creates an overall consumption that is bigger than 50% of the debuglog partition size, the size for each log automatically will be decreased to a value that allows a full rotation which occupies exactly 50% of the partition size.


  • Fixed not working network on Beckhoff CB3163, CB6263 and CB6363 systems.

  • Fixed not working network on Lex 3I380D.

  • Fixed shutdown issue of Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 (rebooted 2 - 3 seconds after power off).

  • Added a possibility to change some DRM settings and limit the DisplayPort lane bandwidth on Intel devices.
    Added new registry keys:


    Use best graphic mode for all screens on console.



    Range[Default] [Enabled] [Disabled]
    Info: "Default" is enabled in most cases.


    Limit the maximum console resolution width to this value.






    Info: "0" means default setting. Use the default setting.


    Limit the maximum console resolution height to this value.






    Info: "0" means default setting. Use the default setting.


    Set graphic kernel driver debug level.



    Range[No debug] [Basic] [Basic + core] [Basic + core + atomic] [Full]
    Info: Warning log will grow very fast.

    Only for Intel i915 driver:


    Limit the maximum DisplayPort lane link rate.



    [default] [1.62Gbps] [2.16Gbps] [2.7Gbps] [3.24Gbps]
    [4.32Gbps] [5.4Gbps] [6.48Gbps] [8.1Gbps]  

    Info: "Default" means hardware default limit.


    Disable the DP audio support in the i915 DRM driver.




    Info: "Default" - support is enabled.


    Disable the HDMI audio support in the i915 DRM driver.




    Info: "Default" - support is enabled.
  • Fixed black screen issue with some monitors and 2560x1440 resolution - occurred on UD2 LX50 and other Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed detection of Dell Wyse 5070 for the non-extended version.
  • Fixed issues with not working Touchpad and Trackpoint on Lenovo laptops.
  • Fixed vanishing mouse cursor on Ryzen 3 devices.
  • Fixed problems with 2 or more monitors on a DisplayLink adapter.
  • Added possibility to use AMDGPU PRO driver instead of the kernel integrated driver.
  • Ryzen 3 devices (1200, 1300X, 2200G, 2200U and 2300U) will use the AMDGPU PRO driver if registry key x.drivers.amdgpu.use_amdgpu_pro is set to auto (default).
  • A new registry key (settings to this key will only work after reboot):


    Use AMDGPU PRO driver




    [Auto] [True] [False]

Remote Management

  • When TC is managed over ICG, settings received in the connection stage does not apply immediately. The settings must be applied after user prompt dialog.
  • Fixed UMS synchronization of configuration changes made in "Emergency mode". Fixed sporadically failures while sending data over ICG.
  • Fixed wallpaper configuration if ICG protocol is used.
  • Fixed releasing from UMS when the device was offline during removal from UMS.
  • Added: The endpoint can now report up to 8 monitors in UMS information.
  • Fixed UMS jobs have not been executed when delivered at the next system boot.