Software updates fix newly discovered vulnerabilities in IGEL OS and applications. This means that keeping up with updates is one of the most important measures in securing IGEL OS systems.

To start and configure updates, you can use IGEL Setup or the Universal Firmware Update feature of the Universal Management Suite (UMS).


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You can use the Universal Firmware Update feature in UMS to check for updates for your devices managed by UMS.

Test an IGEL OS update on one or more sample devices to see whether all features you require work, before you roll the update out to production.
  1. Assign an update to one or more devices:
    • In UMS, drag and drop a Universal Firmware Update onto a device or a directory to assign the update. See also Assigning Thin Client Updates.
    • In IGEL Setup, go to System > Update > Firmware Update and configure an update source. See Firmware Update.
  2. Launch the update process:
    • Manually: In UMS, right-click a device or a directory and select Update & snapshot commands > Update or Update on Shutdown from the context menu.
    • As a scheduled job in UMS:
    1. Right-click Jobs in the structure tree.
    2. Select New Scheduled Job.
    3. Enter a Name.
    4. Select Update, Update on Boot or Update on Shutdown as the Command.
    5. Complete the configuration of the task.
    6. Assign the task to devices or directories.