LAN Interface

Menu path: Setup > Network > LAN Interface

Here you will find the configuration parameters for the available LAN and Wireless interfaces.

The internal LAN interface is pre-configured for DHCP by default.

In the Wireless area, you will find all parameters for the wireless network including the options for encrypting the connection. Configure hidden networks by entering the Wi-fi network name (SSID).

Please note that the settings for the Windows system are initially active when configuring the wireless connection. Enable the use of the IGEL setup for Wireless in the setup.


Use IGEL Setup for configuring the LAN interface settings

 The LAN interface is configured using the IGEL Setup.

 The LAN interface is configured in another manner. (Default)

Get the IP from the DHCP server.

The IP address is configured automatically via DHCP. (Default)

Specify an IP address

The IP address is configured manually below.

  • IP Address: IP address, e.g
  • Network Mask: Network mask, e.g.

 The IP address is configured automatically. (Default)



 The interface will use the specified gateway:

(Gateway address): IP address of the gateway, e.g.

 Manual gateway configuration is disabled. (Default)

Terminal Name: Network name of the thin client

Enable DNS Caching

 The system uses a cache for DNS information.

 No DNS chaching is used. (Default)

Enable DNS

 The interface will use the specified DNS configuration.

 Manual DNS configuration is disabled. (Default)

When using DHCP or BOOTP, manual DNS configuration is not necessary.
    • Default Domain: Usually the name of the local network
    • Name server: IP address of the nameserver to use.


Last update: November 16, 2018