With the help of configurations, you can change the system and session settings of the endpoint device.

Configuration Options

You can use the following configuration methods:

Configuration MethodDescription

Opening Options

IGEL Setup

Configurations are made locally on the device.

For more information, see IGEL Setup.

  • Starting methods defined under Accessories > Setup
  • Keyboard command [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [s]
  • Keyboard command [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F2] in the Appliance Mode
Device Configurator

The Device Configurator can be opened from the Devices area of the UMS Web App. Configurations made here have the same effect as local configurations.

For more information, see Devices - IGEL UMS Web App.

  • Double clicking on the device name
  • Clicking the Edit Configuration button
  • Selecting Edit Configuration command in the context menu of the device
Profile Configurator

The Profile Configurator can be opened from the Configuration area of the UMS Web App. Configurations are made through activating parameters to be defined by the profile and then applying the profile to the device.

For more information, see Configuration - IGEL UMS Web App.

  • Double clicking on the profile name
  • Clicking the Edit Configuration button

Configurations applied through profiles take precedence and cannot be changed through other configuration methods. In other configuration methods, the parameter is grayed out and a lock symbol indicates that the setting is configured through a profile: 

General GUI Elements

GUI ElementDescription
1Search for SettingsClicking the icon opens the Search for Settings tab. You can use free text to search for parameter fields or parameter values. Clicking on a search result displays the setup page containing the result. The result is highlighted on the page.

The search menu remains displayed in the top right corner with the following navigation options:

    • <> to go the next or the previous search result
    • search icon to expand the search bar
    • X to close the search
2Unsaved AdjustmentsClicking the icon opens the Unsaved Adjustments tab. The tab displays a list of pages that contain unsaved changes. The unsaved changes are marked with a dot.
3Related PagesClicking the icon displays the Related Pages tab. The tab displays a list of pages that contain settings related to the settings on the current page.
4TooltipClicking the icon displays information about the parameter.
5Reset to default

Clicking the icon resets the parameter to the default value.

In the Profile Configurator this icon is replaced by the parameter activator: . When you deactivate the parameter, the value will be automatically set back to the default value. For more on profile creation, see How to Create and Assign Profiles in the IGEL UMS Web App.

Saving Changes and Exiting the Configurator

You have the following options to save changes and close the configurator:

 Click on Save and Close to save your changes and close the configurator.

 Click Close if you have not made any changes and would like to abort the configurator. If you have made changes, a confirmation dialog is displayed. In the dialog, you have the following options:

  • Click Discard to close without saving the changes.
  • Click Save and Close to save the changes before closing.
  • Click Cancel to go back and see the list of unsaved changes.

 Click Save if you have finished configuring a setup area and would like to save your settings without closing the configurator.

Configurator Tabs

Configurations are grouped by function under the following tabs: