In the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) Web App, you can export apps and upload them. This can be helpful for support purposes or when transferring app data from one UMS installation to another.

Currently, it is possible to export only app metadata, i.e. no app binaries.

Menu path: UMS Web App > Apps

Exporting Apps

To export an app:

  1. In the UMS Web App > Apps, select the required app.

  2. Click  Export App (Metadata).

  3. Select the app versions you want to export.

  4. Specify the file name.

  5. Confirm the export.
    The metadata of the selected app version(s) will be saved in an .iam file and can now be uploaded, for example, to another UMS installation.

Uploading Apps

In case of the enabled UMS as an Update Proxy feature and the disabled fallback to the IGEL App Portal, upload an app via UMS Web App > Apps > Settings > UMS as an Update Proxy > Devices should download the apps from ... = "Download from UMS" > Upload. Only files in the .ipkg format can be uploaded. See Configuring Global Settings for the Update of IGEL OS Apps.

To upload an app to the UMS:

  1. Under UMS Web App > Apps, click Upload App

  2. Select the required file. 
    Only files in the .iam  and .ipkg format can be uploaded.

  3. Confirm the upload.

    The uploaded app will be automatically placed in the corresponding app directory. You can now assign the app to your endpoint devices or create profiles that configure this app.