In the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), you can configure proxy servers.

Menu path: UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Proxy Server

In this area, you can add and configure proxy servers in order to use them in the following scenarios:

The IGEL Cloud Services and Universal Firmware Update scenarios are automatically linked to the default proxy server.

The settings for the IGEL Cloud Gateway are not changed; the proxy server must be added manually.

Proxy Server

All configured proxy servers are shown in this list.

Show password

Passwords are made visible in the list.

Passwords are not shown. (Default)

Add proxy server

Icon Entfernen

Delete proxy server

Edit proxy server

Icon Standard_setzen

Define the selected proxy server as a default server

Only proxy servers that are not used can be deleted. The proxy server added first will automatically be the default proxy server.

Proxy Server Usages

All uses for the selected proxy servers are shown in this list.

The entries in this list appear automatically as soon as an application was linked to a selected proxy server.