Welcome to the new IGEL Customer Portal!

IGEL's new customer Support Portal is your doorway to the IGEL product-related services important to you. Such as the ability to open or view existing support cases, RMA devices, download IGEL software, and much more. You will also find many links to essential services for both your IGEL software and hardware investment. 

As before, you as a user have the possibility to use all publicly available information and forms. We attempted to migrate all of the existing support accounts to our new system. However, it may be possible that you will need to re-register.
If you already have an account, please try to reset your password first, as described below.
If that does not work, please register for a new account described in the second action below.

How to Create a New Password for the IGEL Customer Portal

The following steps detail how to set a new password for the IGEL Customer Portal:

  1. Click Login in the upper right menu bar.

    A dialog window will open where you can enter your user data.

  2. Click Forgot Password? to request a new password.
    A dialog box for requesting a new password will open:

    The password change is done in three steps: Identify, Verify, Reset.

  3. Identify: Enter your Username that you used to register with IGEL in the old support system.

    This step checks whether your user data could be transferred to the new support system. If your user data cannot be found, you will receive an error message:

    In this case, a new registration is required. You can find more information about re-registration below.

  4. Verify: Enter your Email address to which the verification email should be sent.

    A verification email will be sent to you by email.

  5. Check your email inbox and confirm it with the corresponding link. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder.
    The Reset Password dialog box will open in your default browser.

  6. Reset: Set a new password following the displayed password rules.

  7. Confirm your new password by pressing Reset Password.

    With the verified user data and the new password, you can now log in to the IGEL Customer Portal and use the corresponding functions.

How to Register for the IGEL Customer Portal

 The following steps show how to register for the IGEL Customer Portal:

  1. Click Register in the upper right menu bar:

    The Support Registration form will open.

  2. Enter your user data:

    Required information is marked with an asterisk (*) and is displayed in the right pane at the same time.

    When you have entered all the information, you will no longer see a reference to the information needed in the right pane.

    IGEL Support Account Requirements for Name and email adress

    • Must a business email address with your company
    • No personal email addresses (solely B2B)
    • No generic contact details or email addresses, e.g. (info@company.tld)
    • Free email provider domains are not allowed (e.g., gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.)
    • No shared (multi-user) accounts (e.g., support-team@company.tld)
  3. Click Submit.
    You will now be sent a confirmation email.

  4. Check your mailbox and confirm your registration by clicking on the appropriate link. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder.

    If you have not started the registration process but still receive a corresponding email: Decline the registration by clicking the appropriate link in the email.

    Your user data will now be internally checked and released.
    The approval of your registration will be confirmed by email. In this email, you will find the link to the IGEL Customer Portal and an initial password (one-time password).

  5. Open the IGEL Customer Portal via the link and click Login in the upper right menu.

  6. You now enter your Username and your initial Password (one-time password).
    The Change Password dialog box will open:

  7. Enter your Current Password and your New Password according to the requirements. 

  8. Confirm the new password by clicking Submit.
    The IGEL Customer Portal will open, and you will be logged in.

    Please remember your username and password or store them in a safe place so that you can successfully log in to the support portal in the future.

IGEL Customer Portal Video

Learn more; watch the following video for a walkthrough of the IGEL Customer Portal.