This document describes how to upgrade UDC3 or UD Pocket devices from IGEL OS 10.06 to IGEL OS 11 via the Universal Firmware Update feature of the UMS (Universal Management Suite).

Since a new licensing model has been introduced with IGEL OS 11, a license from an IGEL Workspace Edition Product Pack must be available for each device. If you have valid maintenance for your devices, you can convert your existing UDC3 or UD Pocket Product Packs to Workspace Edition (WE) Product Packs; see Converting UDC3 or UD Pocket Licenses for Upgrading to IGEL OS 11.

Read all the following chapters in the order given and follow the instructions.

  1. Devices That Can Be Upgraded to IGEL OS 11
  2. Important! Consider This Before Upgrading
  3. Getting the UMS Ready
  4. Deploying the Licenses
  5. Creating the Universal Firmware Update
  6. Creating an Upgrade Profile
  7. Assigning the Upgrade Profile and the Universal Firmware Update to the Test Devices
  8. Testing the Upgrade
  9. Unassigning the Upgrade Profile and the Universal Firmware Update
  10. If Applicable: Restoring Custom Partition and Custom Applications
  11. Upgrading All Devices