Using Local Logon settings, described in this article, you can prepopulate user data for VMware Horizon sessions. As a result, you can avoid users possibly having to log in a number of times.

Menu path: Sessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Local Logon

Local Logon Configuration for VMware Horizon

Use local login window

☑ The local login window of the endpoint device will be used to log in to the server. If you use the local login window, you can prepopulate login information.

☐ The local login window will not be used.*

Preset login information

☑ Login information will appear automatically in the login window. With Type, you can specify the source of the login information.*


  • Set user/domain from last login: The login information from the last session will appear automatically in the login window.*
  • Set user/domain from session setup: Session-specific login information will appear automatically in the login window. The session-specific login information is described under Connection Settings.

Show domain

☑ The domain will be shown in the login window.*

Relaunch mode

☑ The login window is shown in relaunch mode and cannot be closed.

☐ The login window is not shown in relaunch mode.*

Exit on disconnect or when an error occurs

☑ The session will be ended completely when the connection is terminated.

☐ The connection overview will be shown when the connection is terminated.*


This is how you can work with the domain list:

 Click to add a new domain.

 Click to remove the selected domain.

 Click to edit the selected domain. 

 Click to copy the selected domain.

Further settings options can be found under Security > Active Directory / Kerberos and Security > Logon > Active Directory / Kerberos.

*IGEL OS system default