You want to supply UDC2 converted devices with a license automatically as soon as they are registered with UMS.


You can use one or more IGEL Linux Thin Clients (version 5.09.100 or newer) as license servers in combination with UMS.


  • UMS version 5.08.100
  • IGEL Linux version 5.09.100 or newer 5.x
  • UDC2 token with base licenses
    When deploying UDC2 licenses automatically, any unlicensed UDC2 device registered with your UMS will receive a license. As this my waste licenses, check which devices are registered with UMS.


  1. Prepare the thin client for its role as a license server:
    1. In the thin client's IGEL setup, go to System > Remote Management.
    2. Enable UDC automatic license deployment server.
    3. Apply or Save your setting.
    4. Attach the UDC2 token.
  2. Configure Automatic UDC License Deployment in UMS:
    1. Go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UDC2 Deployment.
    2. Check Enable Automatic UDC2 Deployment.
    3. Save your Settings.
    4. Look for the thin client in the License Server list. If needed, use the button to refresh the list.
    5. Select the thin client in the License Server list.
    6. Review the Connection state, License type, License OS and Number of licenses. If needed, refresh this information by clicking the Check license server again button.
      When a new, unlicensed UDC2 device is now registered with UMS, it should automatically receive a license. Likewise, when starting a new license server, it will poll for as yet unlicensed UDC2 devices every 5 minutes and provide them with licenses. You can check this in the Deployed licenses list.
    7. Reboot the UDC2 devices to apply the licenses.