You will find the release notes for Windows IoT 4.03.100 as a text file next to the installation programs on our download server and on our Knowledge Base.

  • Added support for UEFI Secure Boot. The boot mode is displayed in the IGEL Device Information tool (Hardware tab); see here.
  • The Windows activation status is shown in the IGEL Device Information; see IGEL Device Information and Windows Activation. Furthermore, it is now possible to start the Windows activation manually; see the troubleshooting article No Activation after Installation of Snapshot.
  • In the Rescue Shell you can now overwrite the network information. They are then valid for the current session; see LAN Interface.
  • FTP is available as a new snapshot protocol; see Snapshots.
  • The display configuration tool has been redesigned; see Display.
  • The option Enable Single Sign-on through ICA file (Sessions > Citrix > ICA Global > Options) does have no effect anymore; as of now, this option can be configured under Sessions > Citrix > Self-Service Plug-In > Logon; see Logon.