In the Search area of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) Web App, you can search for devices according to the configured criteria. 

The Search feature of the UMS Web App is a successor to views in the UMS Console. It does not currently include all the criteria that are available for views but the range of the criteria will constantly be expanded.

Menu path: UMS Web App > Search


List of searches

Shows the list of all searches that you saved using the Save as Search button.

All devices: When no specific values are specified for the filter, all devices registered in the UMS are automatically shown.

To rename a search, click  , enter a new name and press [Enter].

To delete a search, click  . Searches are removed permanently, i.e. without being placed to the recycle bin.


Shows all filter fields that you added via Add filter button. 

To add a filter field, click Add filter. For more details, see How to Add a Search Criterion.

Currently, the number of criteria that you can add via the Add filter button is limited. You can use more search criteria if you click Advanced search (=) and use the Query field.

To remove a filter field, click 

3Advanced search (=)

Adds the Query field that you can use for complex searches.

Main features:

  • SQL-like query language
  • Autocompletion function
  • Can be copied and pasted

For details, see How to Use Advanced Search for Complex Queries.

4Search results
5Save as SearchSaves your current search so that you can access it via the list of searches
6Export Search Result

Opens an Export Search Result dialog where the parameters and delimiters for the CSV export file can be configured.

Columns selected under Select columns in the search results area are automatically included in the export file if not disabled manually in the Export Search Result dialog. 

How to Add a Search Criterion

  1. Click Add filter and select the required search criterion. To narrow down the list of criteria, start typing the name of the criterion in the Search field:

  2. Depending on the criterion, select the value from the dropdown list or type it in the field.

    All filter fields are currently case-sensitive.

How to Use the Advanced Search for Complex Queries

Advanced search uses autocompletion that also works when a criterion / operator / value is entered only partially. It will then only show items matching the already entered fragment.

To use the advanced search:

  1. Click (=) and set the cursor in the Query field.

  2. Select the required criterion from the list.

  3. Select the required operator. 

  4. Select the value.

  5. To define further criteria / values, select logical AND or OR.

    If you want to change the already entered part of the query, note that autocompletion does not yet support this. For example, you cannot set a cursor in the middle of your query and change the already entered operator or logical AND / OR. It is necessary to remove a part of the query to change the already entered expression.

  6. After the query is complete, click Search