Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Cache

The cache or clipboard is integrated into the UMS GUI server. It is designed to improve overall performance when the thin client retrieves its settings. Furthermore, the UMS can provide the thin client settings even if the UMS Database is not running. Please bear in mind, however, that you cannot change thin client settings if the database is not enabled.

Enable cache

Enable or disable cache

Delete stray files

Deletes entries in the cache that cannot be found in the database.

Add all thin clients

When the cache is updated, you can add to it the settings for all thin clients which are known to the UMS. Otherwise, only the settings of the thin clients which have connected at least once to the UMS of the current host will be added.

Update cache when the server is launched

The cache is updated when the server is launched. To make detailed changes to the update settings, go into the UMS Console and click on Administrative Tasks in the UMS Administration.

Select Extras > Manage Cache in the UMS Console menu.
Various details about the cache are shown in the dialog window. These include which entries can be found in the cache, when the next update will take place etc.

A number of cache actions can also be performed here:

Update cache

Updates all cache contents immediately

Empty cache

Removes all cache entries immediately

Update view

Provides an updated view of the cache information

The Administration area of the UMS Console also allows you to set up an administrative task in order to update the cache automatically on a regular basis.