From UMS Version 5.07.100, the license management for thin client licenses can be found under UMS Administration > Thin Client Licenses.

Via System > License Management, you can manage your licenses and the associated hardware.

Under IGEL Licenses, you can filter according to licenses. The selection criteria are:

  • Show all licenses
  • Show valid maintenance subscriptions
  • Show expired maintenance subscriptions
  • Show maintenance subscriptions which will expire in the next
  • Show all licenses of thin client
  • Show test licenses

If you select the fourth point Show Maintenance Subscriptions which will expire in the next, entry fields for months or days will appear on the right-hand side next to the selection field:

U5_License selection

Under Hardware, you can search for thin clients according to specific criteria...

Click on Export unit ID list to export to a CSV file the unit IDs of all thin clients, all unlicensed thin clients or the thin clients selected from a view. This file can then be sent to IGEL Technology GmbH in order to request a license file for these devices.

Once received, the license file can be added to the license management system using the Add (+) button. The license will be distributed to the previously selected thin clients during the next booting procedure.

The thin client must be able to contact the UMS server with its full qualified domain name, e.g. mytcserver.mydomain.tld.