Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Thin Client Attributes

In this area, you can set up additional attributes for thin clients which you can reuse in views and as a search criterion. You will find these attributes in the thin client system information below the serial number.

From UMS Version 5.07.100, attributes with set values can be defined, e.g. to avoid typing errors when entering the values. To do this, select the “List” attribute type and give the values together with any descriptions under List entries.

Click on to set up a new thin client attribute.

  • Name: Name of the attribute
  • Type: Data type of the attribute
    Possible values:
    String: A sequence of letters, numbers and special characters is expected.
    List: A list of values is provided for selection. These values are specified as shown below:
    List entries
    - Value: Name of the predefined value
    - Description: Optional description of the value
    Number: A numerical value is expected.
    Date: A date is expected.
  • Description: Optional description of the attribute

Using the up and down arrows, you can change the order of the additional attributes.

In the thin client system information display, you can give the attributes values.

The additional attributes are used when displaying thin client system information, in views and in searches.