Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UDC2 Distribution

From Version 5.02.100, the UMS offers the option of using an IGEL device as a license server in order to automatically allocate licenses to devices converted using UDC2.

This method for automatic license deployment only works for UDC2, not for UDC3. From UMS Version 5.08, there is a method for automatic license deployment with UDC3 which uses the license server; see Distribution.

The How-To Setting up Automatic UDC2 License Deployment describes the complete procedure.

  • Enable automatic UDC deployment:

    UDC2 devices newly registered on the UMS will automatically receive a license.

    Automatic license distribution is disabled.

  • License server: Select one of the license servers shown.
  • Connection state: Indicates whether a network connection to the license server exists.
  • License type: The licenses available on the license server
  • License OS: Operating system for which licenses are available
  • Number of licenses: Number of licenses still available
  • Check license server again: Checks the network connection to the license server again, for example if you have switched on the server in the meantime.
  • Deployed licenses: List of licenses deployed by the selected license server since it was last restarted.
    • License deployed at: Date and time when the license was deployed
    • Unit ID: Unique ID of the device