Menu path: Menu Bar > System

In this menu, you will find options for actions relating to the UMS:

  • Connect to: Allows you to establish the UMS server connection
    • Server: IP or host name of the UMS server
    • Port: Port number, default: 8443
    • User name: User name, "@'" for LDAP users
    • Password: User password
  • Refresh: Allows you to refresh the view
  • Disconnect: Allows you to disconnect the UMS server connection
  • New: Allows you to create new UMS objects such as directories, profiles, tasks etc.
  • Import: Allows you to import objects such as firmware, profiles, thin clients
  • Export: Allows you to export objects such as firmware, profiles, thin clients
  • Administrator accounts: Allows you to set up and manage UMS user accounts and user groups
  • Logging: Allows you to display and export recordings of messages, events and VNC log entries.
  • License management: Allows you to create and assign firmware licenses to thin clients and export device lists.

    From UMS Version 5.07.100, the license management for thin client licenses can be found under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Thin Client Licenses.
  • VNC viewer: Allows you to shadow a thin client
  • Open Customization Builder: if licensed: Allows you to launch the Universal Customization Builder (UCB), see the UCB manual.
  • Exit: Allows you to close the UMS console application