Menu path: Structure Tree > Thin Clients > [Directories] > [Name of the thin client]

This area shows up-to-date information regarding the selected thin client.

System information

  • Name
  • Last IP
  • Location
  • Comment
  • Department
  • Cost center
  • Inventory number
  • Setup and startup
  • Serial number
  • [custom attributes]
  • Unit ID
  • MAC address
  • Product
  • Product ID
  • Version
  • Firmware description
  • IGEL Cloud Gateway
  • Expiry date of the maintenance subscription
  • Last start time
  • Network name at last restart
  • Runtime since last restart
  • Runtime since setup and startup
  • Battery Level: The battery level is shown on mobile devices. The display can be updated by clicking on . This function is available from Linux version 10.03.100. The frequency at which the device sends details of the current battery level to the UMS can be set via the setup; further information can be found under Battery Level Control.
  • CPU speed (MHz)
  • CPU type
  • Size of the flash memory (MB)
  • Memory (MB)
  • Network speed
  • Duplex mode
  • Graphic chipset 1
  • Graphics memory 1 (MB)
  • Graphic chipset 2
  • Graphics memory 2 (MB)
  • Device type
  • Operating system type
  • BIOS manufacturer
  • BIOS version
  • BIOS date
  • Serial number of the device
  • Structure tag

Template definition check

  • Type
  • Profile
  • Template expression
  • Description

Monitor information

  • Manufacturer of monitor 1
  • Model of monitor 1
  • Serial number of monitor 1
  • Size of monitor 1 (inches)
  • Native resolution of monitor 1
  • Date of manufacture of monitor 1
  • Manufacturer of monitor 2
  • Model of monitor 2
  • Serial number of monitor 2
  • Size of monitor 2 (inches)
  • Native resolution of monitor 2
  • Date of manufacture of monitor 2


In this area, the features available on the thin client are listed.

Windows updates and hotfixes

In this area, the Windows updates and hotfixes installed on the thin client are listed.

Partial updates

In this area, the partial updates installed on the thin client are listed. This information is available from IGEL Universal Desktop W7 Version 3.12.100 and IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 5.03.100.

The following information regarding partial updates is shown.

  • Name
  • Version
  • Date
  • Description

File Transfer Status

As of UMS version 5.09.100 and Thin Client Firmware IGEL OS 10.05.100, the transfer status of assigned files is displayed here, regardless of whether they have been assigned directly or indirectly (via Profiles or FWC).

You will receive the following information:

  • Filename
  • File ID
  • Classification: The classification assigned when the file is uploaded, or the use case of the firmware customization or the description of the profile.
  • Status - possible values:
    • OK
    • Error
    • unknown
  • Status Message
  • Assigned via: For directly assigned files, the file name is displayed here, otherwise the name of the profile or of the firmware customization will be displayed.

User login history:

Specific types of user login can be logged in the UMS.

The user logins are logged if the following options are enabled:

  • Thin client or profile: System > Remote Administration > Logging > Log login and logout events checkbox
  • UMS: UMS Administration > Misc Settings > Enable user logon history checkbox

If logging is enabled, the following information is saved:

  • User name
  • Login time
  • Logout time
  • Login type
    The following login types can be logged in the UMS:
    • Shared Workplace
    • AD/Kerberos
    • Citrix (from UMS Version 5.03.100): Citrix StoreFront sessions