You will find the release notes for IGEL OS 10.06.100 as a text file on our download server and in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 10.06.100.

New Workaround Switch for Dual RTME Sessions and H.264

You can use this workaround when launching multiple desktop session with RTME and H.264 does not work; see Highly Secured XenServer Has Problems with LD_BIND_NOW Workaround

Configuration of the Display Setting for Notebook Lid Handling

You can configure the lid handling of a notebook so that the notebook goes into standby mode by closing the lid, regardless of whether the notebook is plugged in or not, see Auto Switch Monitor Configuration for Notebooks.

Configuring the Automatic Appearance of On-screen Software Keyboard

You can configure the on-screen software keyboard so that it will appear automatically when you select an input box (e. g. Firefox and lockscreen); see Showing and Hiding the On-Screen Software Keyboard Automatically.

Make the Search Order for UMS and ICG Configurable

You can make the device prefer the local UMS over connecting with the ICG, see the tip in Using ICG Agent Setup.

Auto Switch Monitor Configuration for Laptops

This display switch can use multiple different profiles which are automatically chosen at runtime depending on the currently connected monitors, see auto switch monitor configuration for Laptops under Using Display Switch.

Advanced Buddy Update Features

You can provision your devices with different firmware versions by dividing buddy update servers and buddy update clients into groups; see Configuring the Buddy Update Server, "Configuration for Different Firmware Versions" and Configuring the Buddy Update Client, "Configuration for Different Firmware Versions". Also, you can distribute the load of the buddy servers evenly using a load balancing mechanism; see Configuring the Buddy Update Client, "Balancing the Server Load".

Timed Command (Cron Replacement)

You can define one or more commands which are executed at a defined time; the configuration is similar to that of a cron job. For more information, see Creating a Timed Command (Cron Replacement).

NCP VPN Client

The NCP VPN client has been added; see NCP VPN Client.

Network Connection Symbol Visible When Screen Is Locked

The network connection symbol is visible even when the local desktop is locked; see Taskbar.

RDS Collection

Added a field to connect to a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) collection in RDP server settings.

Login with IGEL Smartcard When Desktop Is Not Locked

Sessions stored on an IGEL smartcard can be started even when the desktop is not locked; see Enable IGEL smartcard without locking desktop under IGEL Smartcard.

IBM iAccess

The configuration of IBM iAccess Client via Setup has been improved.