There are three optional extensions for the Universal Management Suite (UMS):

  • High Availability (HA): highly available thin client management with load balancing
  • Universal Customization Builder (UCB): individual expansion packages for the IGEL firmware
  • IGEL Management Interface (IMI): REST API for integrating UMS with your environment

To use these extensions, licenses are required.

Licensing the High Availability (HA) Extension

A basic HA installation contains a free demo license for five thin clients managed by the UMS to enable you to carry out basic tests, e.g. with IGEL test set-ups. If you require licenses for further thin clients, please contact your IGEL reseller.

Licensing Universal Customization Builder (UCB)

In order to obtain a UCB license, you must successfully take part in a paid IGEL UCB training course (in-house or classroom training).

Licensing IGEL Management Interface (IMI)

In oder to use IMI you need to purchase a maintenance subscription. This involves obtaining a Delivery Token from your IGEL reseller and generating a license with it in the IGEL License Portal.

Installing UMS Extension Licenses

Register the license file you receive in the administration area of UMS Console:

  1. Go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Licenses.
    A license summary and a detailed list of registered licenses are displayed. Checkboxes indicate whether the license is a maintenance subscription or a test license. If the license has an expiry date, it is displayed as well.

    Licenses in UMS Console

  2. Click the '+'symbol to upload the license file, which has a *.lic filename extension. It contains all the license details.