The following example shows how to find devices which do not have a specific license. In the example, the Multimedia Codec Pack (MMCP) license (which appears as a 'c' in the Product ID) is used:

  1. In the navigation tree of UMS Console, go to Views, open the context menu and select New View.
    The Create New View window will open.
  2. Name the view, e.g. Multimedia Codec Pack Licensing.
  3. Choose Product ID as the Selection criterion.
  4. Click Next.
    The Text search window opens.
  5. Activate Use regular expression and enter
    This example matches IGEL OS devices without the 'c' for the Multimedia Codec Pack.

    This feature uses Java Regular Expressions. Find out more about these from Oracle's documentation.

    Text Search

  6. Finish the Create New View process.
  7. Go to System > License Management.
  8. Click Export MAC list.
  9. Select Export all MAC addresses from a view.

    MAC addresses

  10. Click Next.
  11. Select the view created previously.
  12. Click Next and the Export summary will show you a list with all relevant devices.
  13. Click Export.
  14. Select the target folder and define a File Name.
  15. Save the settings.
  16. Send the exported *.csv file with your order to your IGEL reseller.