To transfer a license from one device to another one, you simply remove the license from the old device and add it to the new device.

Removing the License from the Old Device

  1. If you are not logged in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP), login at
    Your dashboard is shown. 
  2. In the list of subscriptions, set the filter to SAM.
  3. Open the management dialog for the subscription key that contains the licenses you want to generate.
  4. Click  in the appropriate list entry to open the management dialog.
    The management dialog opens.
  5. Click Remove Hardware.
  6. The Remove hardware dialog opens.
  7. Select the hardware you want to remove, activate the checkbox labeled I have read... and click OK

Adding the License to the New Device

  1. Click Add hardware.
    The dialog for adding hardware opens.
  2. Click  , enter the MAC address of the new device as unit ID and click OK
    The dialog for adding hardware is closed; your license file is ready for download.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Save the license file (*.lic) to a suitable location.
  5. Deploy the license on the new device. The procedure is analogous to the procedure for UDC3; see Deploying the License on the UDC3 Device.