Before the installation / update of the IGEL UMS, please read How to Start with IGEL COSMOS.

You will find the release notes for IGEL Universal Management Suite 12 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

You cannot manage IGEL OS 12 devices without the UMS Web App. Thus, the UMS Web App must be selected during the installation of the UMS.

UMS Installer

Cluster Address

For the load distribution of specific device requests, the Cluster Address has been implemented. As the Cluster Address, you can specify the FQDN and port of your external load balancer / reverse proxy. See Server Network Settings in the IGEL UMS.

UMS Web Port

A warning message is shown when OS 12 devices would no longer be manageable after the change of the web server port, see Settings - Change Server Settings in the IGEL UMS Administrator.

Brute-Force Protection

After several failed login attempts via the UMS Console, IMI REST API, or WebDAV, the brute-force protection will temporarily lock the user accounts. See Connecting the UMS Console to the IGEL UMS Server.


The following features have been renamed:

  • Master profiles are now called "priority profiles". See Priority Profiles in the IGEL UMS.
  • UMS Licensing ID is now called "UMS ID". The tree node has been moved and can now be found in the UMS Console under UMS Administration > Global Configuration. UMS ID certificate files are now exported with the ".crt" extension. See UMS ID.
  • Node "Cloud Gateway Options" under UMS Administration > Global Configuration was renamed to "First-authentication keys". See First-authentication Keys.

License Removal on the Deletion of an IGEL OS 12 Device from the UMS

If an IGEL OS 12 device is deleted from the UMS, you can specify whether the licenses should be removed from the device. If the license deletion is selected, the licenses registered in the UMS are also removed and the Unit ID is removed from all registered packs. See Recycle Bin - Deleting Objects in the IGEL UMS.

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Automatic License Deployment can now deploy demo licenses to OS 11 and OS 12 devices, see Deployment.
  • You can now configure global distribution conditions for the ALD and activate automatic license exchange for expiring licenses, see Deployment.

IGEL Insight Service

You can enable or disable IGEL Insight Service in the UMS Console under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Features (see UMS Features) or in the UMS Web App under Network > Settings > UMS Features (see Network Settings in the IGEL UMS Web App).

Unified Protocol Introduced

The new Unified Protocol is used for all communication between the UMS and OS 12 devices, see Overview of the IGEL UMS

Shadowing of OS 12 Devices

Shadowing of OS 12 devices is always secure, see Remote Access to Devices via Shadowing in the IGEL UMS Web App and UMS and Thin Clients: Secure Shadowing.

Removed Features

  • Mobile Device Management Essentials (MDM)
  • Universal Customization Builder (UCB)

End-of-Life (EOL) Features

  • Java Web Start for the UMS Console. The feature is no longer officially supported.

UMS Web App

"Apps" Section Added

In the Apps section of the UMS Web App, you can import apps for your IGEL OS 12 devices from the IGEL App Portal. You can define there the default version of your apps, configure update settings for the apps, etc. For more information, see Apps - Import and Configure Apps for IGEL OS 12 Devices via the UMS Web App.


New Commands Added

"Settings" Area Added to the "Network" Section

In the Network section, you can now open the Settings area to view information necessary for configuring IGEL Onboarding Service, to activate IGEL Insight Service, etc. See Network Settings in the IGEL UMS Web App.