You will find the release notes for the IGEL Universal Management Suite 6.08.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

Device Licenses

Device licenses are now saved in the database, see Creating a Backup.

Export of View Results by Administrative Task: Custom Name Possible Now

You can define a custom name for the file that stores the results of a view. For details, see Export View Result via Mail and Save View Results in the File System

Expert Mode of Views: Text Mode Added

It is now possible to create and edit complex views in text expert mode. See Creating a New View.

Device Attributes: New Field "UMS Internal Identifier"

If text expert mode is going to be used for views, the UMS internal identifier has to be defined for the device attribute, see Device Attributes.

UMS Web App: Master Profiles Added

In the Configuration area, it is now possible to view master profiles, edit their properties and assign files and devices / device directories to them. For details, see Configuration.

UMS Web App: Quick Jump

 It is possible now to jump from a profile / master profile to the assigned device and vice versa. See "Assigned Devices" under Configuration.