The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.08.200 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.08.200.

Composite USB Redirection

It is now possible to configure the redirection of composite USB devices, see Native USB Redirection for Citrix Sessions in IGEL OS.

Dynamic e911 Support

For Citrix sessions, support for dynamic emergency calling with MS Teams has been added. See Unified Communications.

App Protection for the Citrix Workspace App

A registry key for activating the app protection feature has been added, see StoreFront Login.

Dynamic Default Printer Selection

You can configure IGEL OS to automatically set the currently connected printer as the default printer. This feature works with USB printers. See Dynamic Selection of the Default Printer on IGEL OS.

Teradici PCoIP Is Now HP Anyware PCoIP

Teradici PCoIP has been renamed to HP Anyware PCoIP; see PCoIP Sessions with the HP Anyware Client in IGEL OS.

Smart Virtual Background Support for the Zoom Client

A virtual background can now be used with the Zoom client; see Zoom Client Selection in IGEL OS, section "Smart Virtual Background Support".

Automatic Testing for Factory Images

In addition to the possibility of testing each device visually before shipment (green screen with test results), you can perform automatic tests. For details, see Installation Procedure for Factory Images.