Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Codec

  • Graphical codec: Decoding method for the transferred screen content
    • Automatic: Automatically selects the appropriate codec according to the performance of the hardware.
    • H.264 Deep Compression Codec:
      • High image quality is possible, with lower network load

      • Without available hardware acceleration it is very CPU intensive.

        At the Citrix Server following policies must be set:

        • Use video codec for compression must be enabled.

        • For the entire screen: Text tracking should be enabled if bandwidth is not a problem to increase readability in Office applications

        • For actively changing regions: Citrix Receiver 13.6+ required, otherwise JPEG fallback will be loaded

        • Use video codec when preferred: If For actively changing regions is selected by Citrix, a Citrix receiver 13.6+ must be activated, otherwise JPEG fallback is loaded.

    • JPEG: 
      • High image quality possible, with high network load

      • Moderate CPU load

Additional parameters for H.264 Deep Compression Codec

These parameters are relevant if Automatic or H.264 Deep Compression Codec is selected.

Following options are available in combination with H.264 Deep Compression Codec:

  • Text tracking:

    ☑ Loss-free depiction of texts (default)
    Text is displayed sharper, especially if "Visual Quality" is set to Low/Medium. Recommended for office applications, but requires a higher available bandwidth. With bad connection and EDT over UDP it can lead to missing text parts.

  • Small frames feature:

    ☑ Pixel-perfect depiction of lines etc. (default)
    This feature allows efficient processing when only a small part of the screen changes over time (for example, when a cursor flashes on an otherwise stable background).

Additional parameters for JPEG

These parameters are relevant if JPEG is selected.

  • JPEG direct-to-screen decoding

    ☑ Decodes image tiles directly without using a bitmap cache.

    ☐ No JPEG direct-to-screen decoding (default)

  • JPEG batch decoding

    ☑ Enables batch processing and delayed XSync. (default)